​​​Friends of the Minnesota Valley

Post Office Box 20697 Bloomington, MN 55420


Friends of the Minnesota Valley works independently and with our partners to develop and implement effective long-term conservation strategies and respond to resource threats in the Minnesota River Watershed. We carry out our mission by employing the following tactics: 

  • Working in partnership with multiple stakeholders;
  • Being a watchdog for the enforcement of laws and policies;
  • Educating citizens and leaders within the Watershed; 
  • Working with local people on a local level; and
  • Working with our partners within the Minnesota River Basin on issues that affect water quality within the Minnesota River Watershed and the Minnesota River Basin.

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Friends of the Minnesota Valley

Friends of the Minnesota Valley works within the Minnesota River Watershed to procure sound, science-based decisions that promote a healthy and sustainable River and Refuge. The Friends’ programs are designed to build and engage a volunteer grassroots citizen network to advocate for local decisions that are compatible with our goal of achieving a healthy and sustainable Refuge and River. The Friends recognize the interconnectedness of a healthy Minnesota River and a healthy Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge and we work with a variety of public and private partners throughout the watershed to help us achieve this goal. The Friends work primarily within the Minnesota River Watershed and its six subwatersheds. We recognize the interconnectedness of our work in the Minnesota River Watershed and the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge and work to integrate our goals and activities in these two areas.