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What to expect from the River Watch Program:

Schools that partner with River Watch gain access to expert knowledge, state-of-the-art water data collection tools, and a chance to contribute to the ongoing effort to study and clean up Minnesota's most precious resource.

The River Watch Program consists of:

- 1 In-Class Lesson on the basics of water science

- 2 Sampling Events in the Fall (September & October)

- 2 Sampling Events in the Spring (April & May)

River Watch Schools

Becoming a River Watch school is easy & rewarding.

Contact for information on how to get started.

Burnsville Logo_edited.jpg

Burnsville High School

Cedar Mountain .png

Cedar Mountain High School

Bloomington Jefferson Logo_edited.jpg

High School

Loyola Logo_edited.jpg

Loyola Catholic School

Madelia Logo_edited_edited.jpg

Madelia High School

Mankato East_edited_edited.jpg

Mankato East 

High School

Mankato West.png

Mankato West High School

MN Valley Lutheran Logo_edited.jpg

Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School

NU Cathedral Logo_edited.jpg

New Ulm Cathedral High School

New Ulm.png

New Ulm

High School

Prior Lake Logo_edited.jpg

Prior Lake High School

SES Logo_edited.jpg

School of Environmental Studies



High School


St. Mary's

High School Sleepy Eye

Springfield HS Logo_edited.jpg

Springfield High School


Sleepy Eye
High School

Tri City United Logo_edited.jpg

Tri-City United High School



High School

Sampling How-To Videos

Sampling with a Rod

Secchi Tube 

Sampling by Wading

Stage Measuring

Sampling with Van Dorn

Repairing Van Dorn

For more sampling resouces click HERE

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