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Preserving Minnesota 
Rivers & Land

For generations to come


River Watch is a high school program that allows students to get outside and learn hands-on data collection and water monitoring skills, to aid in pollution monitoring throughout the Minnesota River Valley.

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The focus of the Agricultural Drainage Initiative is to monitor proposed increases in agricultural drainage and seek to mitigate increased flow resulting from those projects. In many cases this effort has taken the form of seeking environmental review of the projects.

Sunset in the Nature

One of the best ways to get involved is to become a member. We have multiple membership options available to help connect you with others who share your passion for the natural world.

Support the Minnesota River

Friends of the Minnesota Valley works within the Minnesota River Watershed to procure sound, science-based decisions that promote a healthy and sustainable River and Refuge. Our programs are designed to build and engage a volunteer grassroots citizen network to advocate for local decisions that are compatible with our goal of achieving a healthy and sustainable Refuge and River. 

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